Kayzo's a name that longtime DAD readers should be up on. Hell, just last month we premiered a huge remix he did of Jack U's debut single. For December, the tables have turned, as 23-year-old Kayzo's set to drop an EP, Fired Up, on Firepower on December 16, and we're premiering one of the massive remixes from that release. The original blends a pretty emotional dubstep cut (featuring beautiful vocals from Nina Sung), but Jersey-based duo Synchronice turned the feels up to 10 with their remix, which marries the dubstep tempo with some purple-y melodies, leading with a fierce, hypnotic synth that takes cues from the huge vocal and brings everything full circle. It's always great to see dope new artists bringing on dope new(er) artists. You can pre-order Fired Up now via iTunes.