We're always going to love DJ Wonder, Sway, and Heather B for taking some initiative and inviting dance producers to perform on Sway In The Morning. Sure, the connect makes sense when you take a step back and realize that all of these markets overlap, but the fact of the matter is that most rap outlets have no interest in confusing their marketing with their audiences, and have been playing it safe for the past five years or jumped ship completely and looked thirsty in the process. Brooklyn resident and Princeton native Space Jesus stopped by Sway In The Morning to tease out a bunch of unreleased projects, both as a solo producer and collaborator in Hash Money with rapper and Smoker's Cough label head GDP. A few records from Brooklyn homies Weekend Money and Hot Sugar are sprinkled in here, as well as a fire record from West Coast native Yheti, but the majority of this 30 minute mix is self-released. It's a movement, it's different, and it's available to stream or snag below:


GDP & Rosegold - Urban Legend
Space Jesus & DVS Vs. OT Genasis - Winter is Coco
Hot Sugar Ft. Antwon & Andre Martel - Assassination Plots
Hash Money (#$) ft. Pipus - NawLedge
Space Jesus - Infinite Extravagance
Lespecial - Ransacked (Space Jesus Remix)
Weekend Money - Hol’ Up
Break Science ft. CX - Trapeze (Space Jesus Remix)
Grateful Dead - Looks Like Rain (Space Jesus Remix)
Yheti - Fresh
Doshy Vs. Hot Sugar & Lakutis - Plastic Body Scream
Hash Money (#$) ft. Hot Sugar - Magic Wand