​Legendary Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy and Boogz Boogetz are gearing up to release their collaborative project, Young Rolling Stonerz. Today, the Queens natives drop a track off of the project, "Next Level."

From rhyming about next level Rolex's, Polo pajamas, and bad chicks who are flyer than any stewardess, Prodigy and Boogz Boogetz don't stray far from the winning formula, and it sounds like a classic New York track. Regardless, "Next Level" absolutely knocks. Both rappers keep you entertained with simple yet humorous lines like Boog Boogetz's, "That young boy got crazy weight/Money good like '88/Hoes love me like Babyface, I said hoes love me like Babyface."

Young Rolling Stonerz drops on November 25. For now, blast "Next Level" and stunt vicariously through Prodigy and Boogz Boogetz.