The photo above has been circulating on Twitter today, leading many to believe it's the tracklist for a new Beyonce re-release. There are a few problems with it, though, leading us to believe it could be fake

The most glaring issue is that Nov. 25 is actually a Tuesday this year, and not a Monday as the photo says. And "Good in Goodybe," which is listed as one of the track titles, is a lyric in "Best Thing I Never Had." Finally, it would seem straight up ridiculous for Beyonce to release a song called "Fashion." That one's not science, but come on. 

Update: It looks like UK has a pre-order for a four-disc set of Beyonce by Beyonce on its site right now—and the release date? November 24th. Maybe this is more real than we thought. Four discs could mean the original Beyonce album and a re-release along with two visual albums—but either way, this is not a guarantee that there's a new album coming. But we hope so.

UPDATE: The album has now been confirmed by in the United States. The site currently has a pre-order available for the album, which has a scheduled release of November 24 and is $27.99. No word yet on if the original tracklist was correct or how many discs will be included in this "Platinum Edition," but it seems that some sort of project from Beyoncé is on the way.