Back in August, we (well, I) fell in love with Zaiio's Bon Voyage tape, primarily because she showed that she was able to flip her style for a multitude of tempos. For Seclusiasis' 160 compilation, Zaiio links with Beijing-based producer Howie Lee, who contributed a number of tracks to her mixtape, for "Tanh," which is a hyper, footwork-inspired subwoofer romp. Zaiio adds some dope lyrics that sit pretty high in the tune while a lurching bassline does it's best to make an impact in the spastic jungle of percussion that is contained in this track.

Word is that 160 (which drops on December 8) is the first in a series of compilations from the Seclusiasis camp that pays homage to the 160BPM realm. This first release features new material from Dev79, Pushy!, Slagz, and many others. I'm not sure if you can cop the jersey in the artwork, but I know this is going to be a sick new series from the street bass ambassadors.

(Boiler Room)