Today, bounce rapper Cazwell debuts his new song and video for "Don't Get It Twisted" featuring the late New Orleans bounce artist Nicky Da B and Queens rapper Dai Burger.  Although none of the artists are present in the video, it's easy to feel everyone's charisma as their verses play during some of the most intense double dutch matches in music video history. 

"'Don't get It Twisted' is about dealing with the toenail-biting trolls on the internet," Cazwell said over email. "I wanted Dai Burger and Nicky Da B on this track because both of their voices are sickening. Not that either one of them needed any direction from me, but I told them to go off and just read a bitch. I remember Nicky did it in one take. I loved working with him. He had so much charm and was beyond sweet. When he gets behind the microphone it's just rapid fire!"

In honor of Nicky Da B, watch "Don't Get It Twisted" above.