About a month ago, heads were astonished at Breakage's "Treading Water," a track where he purposefully went for a tune that had "an infinite breakdown/build up." It was awesome, and definitely showed that today's electronic music scene doesn't have to be DROPS DROPS DROPS DROP-DROP DROPS... but of course Breakage decided to unearth a special VIP of "Treading Water." This one isn't there to "make-up" for the infinite build-up of the original, but it does give us a different taste on an epic tune. The drop isn't even crazy, but Breakage does slide a punched-up Funky Drummer break underneath the beautiful atmosphere and vocals of "Treading Water." Adds something special to the proceedings as a whole.

This version will be on the "Treading Water" single, as well as a Jakwob remix.


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