You have to wonder how many times Baauer's been asked about his biggest hit, "Harlem Shake." For a track that he produced in November of 2011 and dropped via Mad Decent's Jeffree's in May of 2012, it was unreal to see the tune become a true viral hit via videos that had little to do with the actual song. While it's staying power had thrown Baauer's name into the mainstream, playing festivals across the globe, and collaborating with the likes of Just Blaze, AlunaGeorge, and others. While he's since dropped material that has nothing to do with "Harlem Shake" (which, honestly, is a sound that barely represents Baauer on the whole), including the recently-released EP ß.

We're assuming you guys saw the trailer for Searching For Sound, the documentary that found Red Bull following Baauer and Nick Hook (who's worked behind the scenes with everyone from Bootsy Collins to L-Vis 1990) around the world, searching for unique sounds to incorporate into Baauer's debut album. They hit Japan and the United Arab Emirates and really found those "exotic, different" sounds that Baauer needed for this project. It's interesting (and reminds me of Gareth Emery's Off The Grid journey on a grander scale), and recommended for producers looking for the perfect sound.