In a world of generic concepts, we see a little bit of everything.  The formula of remixing a record that's charting on Billboard or Beatport is old (but still works quite well, interestingly enough), and the offerings usually rely heavily on the musicality of the sampled artists.  There are artists that are on tours off of the back of one bootleg, and originality is simply a foreign concept to most.  Their remix of Aazar's "Rundat" that recently landed in our inbox doesn't follow this formula at all, and goes incredibly hard by flipping a multi-genre banger into a trap anthem.   Hefty basslines meet minimal synth work and raucous hi-hats, and if you do some poking, this isn't new territory for this duo.  It seems that we have another name to watch in the coming months, and you can download this banger in the meantime.  Shouts to Mad Decent for giving us the nod to host this one!!