Here's some amazing new music from a kid who's not even old enough to drive yet. Yitaku somehow got my email address and shot over his Vermillion EP that dropped this week and I got into all three tracks on first listen. The whole release has a very future video game-type feel to it, but it's subdued and tasteful on that tip... unlike so many other tunes that just drown out the potential relevance of the music with gimmicky BS because it's cool to like video game soundtracks or something. Yitaku is onto something super dope here with this EP that ventures from disco-flavored house to hip-hop to downtempo vibes. And the real story is that the kid is only 15. So many people ask me why I'm not diving into production anymore and I point to examples exactly like this. He's 15 years old and pretty much fades anything I ever touched. Snag his EP via Bandcamp for that name-your-price action as well.