You'd be forgiven for thinking French producers Superpoze and STWO were actually LA natives. The low-slung cool of their new collaborative EP, Untitled/Late, sounds more Low End Theory than it does Kitsuné. The A-side, "Untitled" is a beautiful, lilting melody that only ever makes use of one or two different elements. Everything here is in moderation, from the FX to the melody and the effect is a modest, restrained piece of electronica that avoids alienating whilst yielding maximum sonic pleasure.

Fans of The xx take note: it features the same chilling steel drum echoes yet the cold and darkness of the moody band is notably absent. With the deft use of an arrestingly simple melody, Superpoze and STWO turn what could otherwise be a forgettable, minimalist dirge into a rewarding, atmospheric listening experience. The strength of 'Untitled' is that it strikes a crucial balance between ambient soundscapes and memorable hooks. It's a balance that has so far eluded much of the electronica world, yet Superpoze and STWO find the sweet spot with apparent ease.

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