Little Pain doesn't want to be labeled as a sad rapper anymore. "My last project was affiliated with terms like 'sad rap' or 'cloud rap'—I don't want to be affiliated with sad rap or cloud rap or anything like that," he told The Fader. When your first project is titled When Thugz Cryand the first track is "Suicide Watch," it's going to be hard for people to call you anything but sad. Today, however, Little Pain announced his upcoming project, L.I.T.T.L.E., via the video for the title track, and, once you get past the menacing production, it really isn't that sad.

On "L.I.T.T.L.E.," Little Pain grabs you with his indifferent, witty bars: "I might drop a couple songs, they might get a couple plays/Do some shows so I get paid/Drink some Henny on the stage." Pain also rhymes, "I'm a shitty ass person, I've been shitty since a child/I should be a fucking toilet, being shitty is my style," but these bars seem more self aware than actually sad. The video, which was directed by Elevator Mag, features Pain rhyming alone with a background that looks like a low budget horror movie.

Little Pain's project L.I.T.T.L.E. is on the way. Until then, watch this video on loop and maybe you can come up with a last minute Halloween costume.