If you fancy yourself an electronic music scholar you have to know Italo disco. At first listen, some might sound really cheesy, but it's an integral block in the edifice of current electronic dance music. The name "Italo-disco" can be misleading. It doesn't sound like what we would traditionallly classify as disco. It's indebted to disco, mostly the late period disco of producers like Cerrone and Georgio Moroder, who relied more on electronic sounds, and also owes much to the music of Karftwerk. It came about because there was an drastic drop in the price and increase in simplicty of electronic music instruments, which meant that more people than ever could make music.

As you'll hear in the tracks we've selected, the result, though diverse, had certain unifying qualities and themes. It's music that, at it's heart, is very simple. The drum programing is often repetitive, the music is not complex, the words are often nonsense, but when it works, it works perfectly. It shouldn't come as a surprise if you're a current fan of global bass. Time and time again from Brazil to Angola to Baltimore we've seen amazing music emerge from the most simple of ingrdients. Thematically, much of the music is about technology and love, which have recurred throughout electronic dance music history from acts like Cybotron, Daft Punk, and Robyn. Before we hop into the music, know that this list is not meant to be exhaustive. This was a very prolific scene with hundreds of tracks coming out every year. Everyone has their secret favorites. Feel free to add yours in the comments.