In 2005, T-Pain ushered in the often ridiculed, yet undeniably catchy use of Auto-Tune with "I'm Sprung." The Tallahassee native has gone on to deliver a multitude of hits using the vocal tool, and he's not the only one. Snoop Dogg has banked in on Auto-Tune, as has Kanye West and Lil Wayne, who have released full-length projects centered around this sound.

In early 2010, we published an article that celebrated The 25 Greatest Auto-Tune Songs, which felt right for the times as the music market became oversaturated with the voice-altering effect. Naturally, there needed to be a template of examples in which Auto-Tune was used well.

Since then, artists like Kanye and Wayne have continued to use it, with even some newer acts like Future making it their shtick. After letting our last list marinate, we present The 10 Best Auto-Tune Rap Songs of the Last Five Years.