Here's something you don't hear every day. Willow Smith's latest song is a cover of King Krule's "Easy Easy." She doesn't alter the original melody, but her soft, soothing vocals serve as stark contrast to Krule's harsher tones. Willow, now 13, once again shows her growth and eclectic musical taste. The timing of the release couldn't be better for Krule, who announced a multimedia exhibition called Inner City Ooz with his brother Mistr Gone. It will take place from September 5 - 27 at Display Gallery in London. The announcement is below:

Intersecting memories and moments of lived experience are brought together in an impressively diverse body of work incorporating poetry, music, painting, illustration, silk-screen and linocut – all acts of artistic liberation that address universal themes of the memory, time, and role of the artist in an evolving cityscape. Through an immersive installation of soundscapes and live-performances the show aims to create a secluded, fictional environment where the viewer can find refuge from the outside world and reflect on the endless possibilities that one can discover within oneself.
To mark the opening of the exhibition, Jack and Archy will create an immersive, sound-based piece that maps out a subconscious world where memories have been recorded and sampled, consisting of three entwined elements: an ambient composition which runs on a loop throughout the night, a variety of sound installations with an interactive element in each, and a percussionist improvising and interpreting rhythms to accompany the ambient composition. These installations carry buttons and triggers that the public are invited to tamper with in order to alter and distort what the two have imagined.


[via Pitchfork]



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