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It seems that the strange case surrounding Tim Dog's death has finally come to a close, according to NBC's Dateline. In their report, which was published tonight, the official death certificate of the Bronx MC was presented, and it revealed that he did indeed pass away on February 14, 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Questions about the validity of Tim Dog's death arose in May of 2013 when a woman, Esther Pilgrim, accused the MC of faking his death to get out of paying $32,000 that he had previously scammed her out of. She then hired a private investigator to look into his death, and when no death certificate was found, real questions were raised.

Now, according to the Deadline report, the reason that no death certificate was originally found was because it was filed in the county where Tim Dog passed away and not the county was he was a resident, thus the certificate went undetected at the time. Dateline was able to track down the real story and track down the hospital and hospice where Tim Dog was treated before he passed away. Neither Tim Dog nor his estate could afford a funeral, so the county paid for him to be cremated.