It's been three years since Autoerotique's "Turn Up The Volume" video gave Steve Aoki the idea to start caking people; it went from an extended promo for that track to arguably the most viral part of his entire stage show. And while he told MTV in August of 2013 that the cake-throwing has caused him to throw his arm out, he hasn't stopped making sure his fans get caked. Now, with so much talk about "the future of EDM," many of these superstar DJs need to start thinking of the long game. While Aoki has spoken about the cake being "about celebration," the cake could end up being about Aoki having to slow down his touring if he seriously gets injured. That said, it might be time for Aoki to realize that his cake-throwing days are over... unless he starts throwing something else entirely. The question is, what could he start throwing that would a) excite fans and b) make sure his arm isn't loaded down by those massive sheet cakes year-in and year-out?


You laugh, but EDM fucks with cats. Heavy. While cat scratches in the rave can be a serious thing, who wouldn't love seeing Aoki hurling a cuddly kitty into a crowd of yearning ravers? We took the pleasure of giving you an idea of what this insane new viral craze could potentially look like. And we don't even want a cut of whatever increase of ticket sales Aoki would get for pulling this off. We're proud to help a DJ in need out. Ice up that arm, Aoki—you have some felines to let fly!

Ed. Note: Don't throw cakes at us, PETA. This is all jokes. Steve Aoki's Neon Future I is available now.