Those in the know clearly know what's up, but with his long-awaited self-titled debut album due on September 22 via trailblazing imprint Numbers, Redinho is finally ready to share what he's been hard at work on since the start of the decade with the world. His style is a complex and developed look towards the future, but there's one foot clearly rooted in G Funk's past. Deftly handled and curated by the Numbers fam, Redinho has been dropping steady hints at what this project will sound like for years now and heads are salivating as the Internet chatter has increased drastically in recent months. In an effort to get a better grasp of the project and as a whole, I caught up with Redinho to gain some further insight.

Your self-titled debut album is out on the 22nd. You've got to be ridiculously excited to get this project out, no?
Absolutely man. I've been working on it for a while and I can't wait to share it with people.

I saw Jackmaster make a statement saying that this album has been in the works for sometime. When did you decide you were going to make a full length, and when would you say the process really got going?
I gave Spencer a demo, which was "Bare Blips," and he liked it and wanted to release it on a label he was forming, which was Numbers. In that time, he became aware of some of the talkbox stuff I was messing around with. The Numbers guys really liked this stuff, and basically signed me to an album deal.

Oh you've been developing this since like 2010 or so?
Ha, it's been a while man.

For sure...but it seems to be rare in this day and age of the music industry that a label will give an artist that much time and freedom to fully develop something. Numbers seems to get a lot of loyalty and dedication in return from their artists as well. Can you tell me a bit about that relationship and what it's meant for your creative process?
I respect the guys a lot, as people and individuals, but for their history, and as you say, their approach. They think long term and commit to innovation, stick to what they're passionate about, and don't get sucked in to the current flavor of the month, which is kind of the opposite of a lot of culture these days. That gives you as an artist a bedrock of confidence to do your thing.

That's what's up. Switching focus a bit, from the recent YouTube album preview video it appears you collaborated with some folks on the album. Who all did you get a chance to work with on it?
There are three guest singers, all based in London. Brendan Reilly, Vula, and Vanessa Haynes. The track with Brendan ("Get You Off My Mind") was a jam that I sent him and he came up with his parts, then I went away and turned it into what it is now. The other tracks, "Making Up The Rules" (featuring Vula) and "Going Nowhere" (featuring Vanessa Haynes) are tracks I wrote, then hit them up and got them in to sing the parts, which they completely nailed.

Tight. I've got to ask you what it was like to work with 100s as well, since "Ten Freaky Hoes" is basically amazing.
Somehow he'd got hold of a track of mine on the album called "Jacuzzi." He loved that track and said his DJ would play it at their shows. He's also from Berkeley, and I used to live there. And obviously we share a love for G Funk. So he sent me the track and I did my thing on it.

That's fantastic. One last question for you. What's on deck to follow the release? I would imagine there's some extensive touring in the near future yeah?
Yeah putting some tours together, and collaborating with a few people. Can't say too much right now as you never know how these things work out!

You can stream Redinho's debut album on Dazed, and should pre-order the LP today.