Album: Monkey on tha D$ck

Mannie Fresh: “We used the term 'DJ.' So they would say, 'She’s turning out all the DJs' and basically that meant a block party. They’re like, 'She got this song that’s turning out all of the DJs called, "Monkey on tha Stick,"' and I’m like well, 'Dawg, I haven’t DJ’d in a while, so I don’t know what’s going on out here on the streets.' They’re like, 'Nah, she’s going to come in here today and you’re going to see.'

This little girl comes in the studio with maybe 14 other little girls. She did that song in one take.

“This little girl comes in the studio with maybe 14 other little girls. I wasn’t expecting it to be that because it was like a young girl. So she came in there, and they had never been in a studio, so they’re like, 'How does this shit work?' I’m like. 'OK, I’m going to drop a bounce beat, and ya’ll do your thing. When the beat comes on you can just stand there and do whatever you want to do.' She did that song in one take. They was in there cutting up, jamming with her. The energy and everything, she convinced you that this song was going to be a hit before anybody because she brought her little cheerleading squad with her, and they was amped up. She was like, 'Put that out and watch what happens.'

“Sure enough the next day, they put that out, and they were trying to find her to do a radio edit of it. She didn’t even know what that meant like, 'What you want me to do?' I’m like, 'You got to clean it up. You can’t curse on everything. This song is big.'

“I didn’t know that everybody had already heard it because she was going around from place to place performing it anywhere there was a DJ. People were just waiting for somebody to put a beat behind it. Once I recorded it and half-ass straightened out her vocals it was just like, 'Oh my goodness.' It’s one of the songs that if you drop in New Orleans you get a crazy response.”