Album: Tha G-Code
Label: Cash Money/Universal
Producer: Mannie Fresh

Juvenile: “I could’ve did way better. I actually think that ‘U Understand’ was one of the more creative songs on that album, but again it was a spinoff of ‘Ha’. I shouldn’t have ever did a song like that. You get exhausted man. We’re only human. Your body is gonna give up on you, it’s gonna break down. You gotta pace yourself and keep your health at its best.

“I went to all these places on tour, but I never got a chance to enjoy it. You show up, it’s almost time to get on stage, you do the show, you feel tired, you come out of there and they want to do the after party, and in the next morning you’re in the next town in the next radio station. After a while it gets tiresome.


I shouldn’t have ever did a song like that.


“You’re on that road and you come home for two or three days, and you gotta go back out of town. You’re trying to see everybody in three days. That’s pretty much what happened to me. I was trying to see everybody, trying to shoot a video, and I was trying to wrap up my album. It was just too much at one time.

“I had obligations. I was on a one album a year regiment and I just wanted the album out. I wanted to get the album out, do the tour, and then take a break. That’s exactly what I did. [During my break] I did family. I spent as much time as I could. I was doing family.”