Do yourself a favor today and press play on Kid Cudi's three-hour sit down conversation with Joe Rogan on his podcast the "Joe Rogan Experience." Yesterday, Cudi swung through their studios to talk about everything from his daughter to his creative process and the making of Indicud and Satellite Flight. Plus he touched on being able to experiment with his music, going to the studio alone, and his personal past with addiction and drugs.

"I definitely did [Indicud​] with this angry, spiteful, villainous energy. I was able to make some really great records, but it was the most aggressive music I ever made," he told Rogan, adding that Indicud was the angriest album he's ever made. "For what I set out to do, it all benefited. But it wasn't the normal way I went about making an album. It was weird."

He also touched on how supportive his audience has been over the years and how it's allowed him to experiment more, but than he still likes to be alone in the studio. "They are kind of sad sessions," Cudi said. "But I'm in there like a mad scientist inventing. An inventor don't got 20 mother-fuckers in his lab while he inventing shit. Niggas will steal his shit, or lack focus and distract him. I find when you have your friends in the studio you got a couple guys on World Star, a couple of guys on Twitter, a couple of guys over here. Everybody's talking about what's going on and you're trying to write this song."

Plus, he elaborates on everyone's fear of acid by telling a funny story about running into Wiz Khalifa on shrooms backstage at a show, and explains how he's essentially everyone's big brother on Twitter who explains how drugs work.