Kanye West shut down "Made in America" on Saturday night in Philadelphia, and headed back to Los Angeles to finish out the bi-coastal, two-day festival again on Sunday evening. He opened up the evening's show with "Black Skinhead," "I Don't Like (Remix)," "Mercy," "Cold," "Clique," and more.

"What they don't realize is that for 10 years I had a clique," Kanye said before finishing "Clique." "Everybody that every supported me, ever defended me, everyone in the audience right now... I know there's more people who love me than hate me, that's why I can stay me."

Kanye followed his mini message with "New Slaves," "Power," "Blood on the Leaves," "Stronger," and "Runaway," which led to his abbreviated rant for the night.

"If anyone ever questions me on anything, that's really my reason to anything, 'might as well," People be scared as hell but my perspective be like, "I might as well," Kanye said on stage. "It's really kind of simple, it's basically like society's been set up to control you, to enslave you... the basic landscape and everything. If people ask me my opinion, there's two opinions you can give—the one that's practiced with you and your publicist, or the one that you feel at the time, that's coming from a positive place... I'm living my dream out with my wife and my family, everything seems to have worked itself out quite lovely."

"There's people who make it seem like I'm a bad person or someone like that, I know people who hurt people for real. I'm from Chicago...," Kanye said on stage. "We know people who hurt people like, for real. I'm not out here trying to hurt nobody, I'm out here trying to make this motherfucking music and be creative. I'm not going to allow anybody to come up and try to hurt me, not physically, not verbally, and not perception-wise. They got a voice, and I got a voice, too."

The second half of the show kicked off with "Run This Town," "Diamonds," "Jesus Walks," "All Falls Down," "Touch The Sky," "All Of The Lights," "Good Life," and finished the night with an incredible performance of "Bound 2." He came back for an encore and performed "Blood On The Leaves" again, encouraging the crowd to make circles to mosh in.

Los Angeles' crowd was noticeably more energetic than the previous night's show in Philadelphia, which obviously wore off on Kanye during his performance. While there wasn't any new music, fans didn't necessarily need it either night, but Los Angeles got the best side of Kanye live. If you missed his performance last night in Philly, you can watch it in full right here. Stay tuned with Complex News to see pre-show interviews from this weekend's Made In America festival.