We know, we know: "didn't Caspa just drop Alpha Omega last April?" Yes he did, but it looks like he already has a new album, 500, that he's completed in what he describes as being "natural and exciting to make." While there aren't a lot of details regarding this longplayer, we do know that Caspa will be releasing it in three parts (or episodes), the first of which you can hear below. Caspa left a comment on his website regarding his mindset behind his latest LP:

"500 is an album I wanted to make that didn't compromise, and allowed me to be completely selfish. I wanted to be in the studio and have fun. I didn't want to think about who would like it, or where it would be placed. It wasn't about making music to fill stadiums; it was about making music to fill basements. It's dark, cinematic, emotional, and raw. 500 is the soundtrack to that vision and movement."

Sounds like he's about taking dubstep back underground, which should please a number of heads who've grown tired of the bigger festival-ready anthems. Check out the teaser for 500: Episode 1 right now, then check out the flyer for his upcoming North American tour.


01. Stand Your Ground
02. Derek
03. Submission
04. Your Time Is Now