Recently, a study recommended listening to 50 Cent's "In Da Club" before your next job interview, as bass-heavy music tends to build more confidence in people (we could joke about the plethora of wack dubstep producers who let us know they were the best thing since Skrillex, but we'll leave them alone). Truth be told, if I wanted to boost confidence in my life, I'd just listen to Kanye West interviews. I can only assume that, based on their latest single since "#SELFIE," The Chainsmokers dived deep into the Kanye bag for inspiration. It's not a joke or anything like that, but literally trying to "be like Kanye," where you live life the way you want, giving middle fingers to anyone who doubts you. Because fuck them, it's really all about what makes you happy, right? The tune is also stylistically chiller than "#SELFIE," which is a nice touch. If you thought The Chainsmokers were a one-trick pony, they might surprise you on this one. Snag this single via Dim Mak / Republic and find out how you can #belikeKanye.