Birdman's newest episode of his Flashy Lifestyle Vlog might be the most epic one yet. He starts by showing off his elegant condo in Los Angeles. He points out all of the designer furniture and elaborate sculptures, smokes a blunt without a care in the world, and casually says that he has two other condos exactly like this. No big deal.

From there, Birdman heads to a video shoot for "Lil One," his upcoming Rich Gang single that also features Young Thug. And of course, he calls on Paris Hilton to make a big cameo appearance in the video. From the snippet playing the background, it's safe to assume that Rich Gang has another hit on its hands. After the shoot, Paris gushes about the Cash Money CEO's intellect and sincerity, and says that she's been listening to "Lil One" on repeat ever since she heard it. Birdman then promises that we will be getting a new album from Paris before the year is done, and that she will also be making an appearance on the next Rich Gang album.

And of course, Paris has to shout out "Thugger" twice, a somewhat awkward yet very entertaining moment. If this doesn't make you excited for the video to "Lil One," nothing else will.