In case you didn't already know, A$AP Rocky's government name is Rakim Mayers. He was named after the legendary rapper Rakim—one half of the duo Eric B. & Rakimby his parents

But the story actually gets better, because Rocky's sister has the perfect name to compliment his: Erika B. We only found this out after watching part one of the new Rocky documentary, SVDDXNLY, where Rocky's sister is credited as Erika B. when she talks about what Rocky was like a child. 

Rocky's mother also appears in the documentary saying, "Back in '88, Rakim & Eric B, I mean, they was popping...I'm a hip-hop lover, I'm a music lover. So, if I had a boy he was gonna be named Rakim." Rocky's mother love for Rakim runs deep; he once told Angie Martinez a story about the time his mother spotted Rakim idling at a light in his car on 125th Street in Harlem and actually got the Paid In Full rapper to sign his diapers​. Obviously, Rocky's mom is a realer rap fan than any of us. 

Catch part one of the documentary below.