Eminem has withstood the test of time, finding wild success in music for nearly two decades. His run as one of the most lively performers remains equally impressive. His dark humor and stunning public antics quickly amassed a cult-like core fan base (mooning crowds and shaming pop stars account for his lesser acts of debauchery).

Taking a look at Shady’s past as a live artist quickly proves him to be a role model for rappers on the come up. As any longtime fan can attest to, Mathers meticulously delivers some of the most dense verses ever penned before tens of thousands of cheering spectators—a monster onstage, capable of going berserk on the mic with unmatched consistency.

Even the most moderate hip-hop fans are surely familiar with some of Shady’s more groundbreaking endeavors in the limelight. His live collaboration with Elton John at the 2001 Grammys is one of modern pop culture’s greatest music moments. But dozens of lesser known clips lacking that “iconic” stamp lurk around the Internet, showcasing Slim at his crazed, unbridled best.

From throwing towels at crowds in San Francisco to just not giving a fuck at Wetlands all the way back in 1997, here are 15 Amazing Eminem Performances We Found on YouTube.