You have to love TrollPhace's story. When you talk about the success stories that can grow from the Internets age, his is one that you need to watch. During his Reddit AMA, Skrillex namechecked Dubloadz and TrollPhace as two producers that are both unknown and raw. In the subsequent 24 hours after that namedrop, TrollPhace said he gained another 100,000 plays on his SoundCloud page. That's pretty damn magical. And it's awesome for him to admit that, back in the day, he hated on Skrillex. His life has obviously taken a super turn for the better, and recently he had his first release on Skrillex's OWSLA imprint, via his remix of David Heartbreak's "Rebel," which ended up being top 5 on Beatport. To celebrate that feat, TrollPhace gave away two tunes via this Thanks For The Support EP. These self-described "violent" dubstep tunes are probably part of the reason Skrillex gravitated to TrollPhace's material in the first place. Big up to him, and his OWSLA ink, which you can see down below.