After a nearly five year wait following Invaders Must Die, The Prodigy frontman Liam Howlett has confirmed that their new album will be released "later this year." The Prodigy headlines metal festival Sonisphere this weekend and dance festival Global Gathering at the end of the month, have apparently teased an album title How To Steal A Jet Fighter as early as 2012, but Howlett says the album will "definitely not" be called that.

"It's more violent-sounding; it feels wilder. It's not so much old-skool. It's neither guitar-based not synth-based; it's kind of a mixture," Howlett said to NME, also noting that it "doesn't feel so radio-friendly." Frankly, that all sounds great to me—I know I'm far from the only head who has been craving that Prodigy edge to have an up-to-date incarnation, and the fact that it's coming before the end of the year is even better. We'll be awaiting any developments eagerly.