Back in January, Majestic Casual posted a track from Full Crate and Mar entitled "Man x Woman," which kind of blew the hell up. It's currently sitting at over 1.1 million plays from that one YouTube upload alone, which makes sense; there's something about this Dutch duo's take on enriching deep house that has captivated many of you out there. Today, Island has sorted out GANZ's take on this gem, and it's definitely one to watch out for. Dara took Mar's impressive vocals, as well as that piano line, and used that as the basis for his huge, emotional remix. All kinds of future everything is laced in this one, which is right up our alley (and is why GANZ has been on our radar for a while). This one does not disappoint. It's also kind of a win for Island Records, who has a hit on their hand. Word is "Man x Woman" is due out via Island on September 15.