You might think you know about club music just because you know a bedsqueak or two. The truth is, you don't know JACK. James Nasty, though? He's been in the clubs for years with own brand of club music that's well, nasty. This week the Baltimore native unleashes his first proper EP on Tittsworth and Ayers' esteemed T&A label and with it delivers six tracks of club heat named after a primary street in the city; Calvert.

Speaking to FACT, Nasty said the EP had been in the works for four years. “I always strive to find a balance between sticking with a traditional club record that can be played on 92Q, while also creating something that has global reach so that DJs in LA, Paris, Tokyo or Australia can play it and their dance floors can easily digest it,” he writes. “Baltimore club is more than just music for the dancers and the battles. People all over the world are aware of us and are looking and waiting for the music that only we can make for them.”

With that said, these tracks could pop off in any club where dancing is going on (you know, not those too good to dance bottle-service clubs!). Nasty added, "“Its like thug motivation meets club drugs thrown into a blender with some whey protein and steroids" and listening I can't disagree. These are absolute club weapons.

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