We're a little under a month away from this year's Electric Zoo NY festival, so it's fitting that the tragedy that caused the third day of 2013's edition to be canceled is addressed. What's also surprising is that, for all of the rumors and speculation behind the unfortunate deaths of Jeffrey Russ and Olivia Rotondo, it looks like one theory might have been proven to be true. Gothamist reported today that a 23-year-old Buffalo, NY man by the name of Patrick Morgan was arrested and charged with one count of conspiring to distribute narcotics and one count of distributing narcoties; the maximum sentence for each of those charges is 20 years in prison.

The charges state that Russ (and two others) bought 80 hits of Molly from Morgan, which they were planning on taking and selling at Electric Zoo NY 2013. Word is that Russ took some of the molly he purchased from Morgan on Friday night, collapsed, and had a seizure. He was ultimately transported to Harlem Hospital, where he passed away due from "acute intoxication by the combined effect of MDMA and methylone with hyperthermia."

Now we don't condone the use of illegal substances anywhere, but we also can't help but think back to Proper Villains' words on being safe while attending raves and other festivals. Situations like this, where people are buying drugs that could put them in harms way, are what everyone wants to avoid.

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