If "Stereo Love" were a person, it would be the the spray tanned and drawn-on eyebrowed Persian and Italian chicks that for some reason used to dig on me in the mid 2000s. That was my life. I didn't ask for it. It's a song that, to me, embodies the cheesy North American "Euro"-ness. It's gaudy, it's basic and seems to be ticking off so many boxes of what a "Euro" dance song should be, that it borders on parody. Nah mean? Like that accordion sounds like they used a sample from the background music at a Greek restaurant. That being said, people love the hell out of it. Not just Jersey Shore types either. It went number 1 and platinum all over the place, so it must have had something that people liked. People that are not pretentious, internationally-recognized blogging superstars like me.

It had something Victor Niglio liked because he just put out this remix. It's a bigger, bolder remix made for bigger, bolder rooms. It's not something I would necessarily play (truth: I would never play this) but, a lot of you probably would. Nothing wrong with that. A lot of you might have been waiting for a version to crush a big festival. Now you can.