One thing I've been hearing lately has been DJs from the hip-hop world discounting what EDM DJs do, essentially getting big on that "button pushing" kick that EDM DJs have been debating for the last few years. It's funny to see this go down, considering DJs like Shiftee, who are just as adept at "cutting and scratching" as any huge hip-hop DJ, but know the bass music scene like the back of their hand. Throw those two worlds together and you have the first part of Shiftee's "Let It Be Known" routine, which finds him dismantling 040's "Let It Be Known." Using two pieces of Native Instruments hardware (the Maschine and Traktor), he takes this track to task, giving it a dope live remix feel. Can't wait to see what Part 2 looks like, and if you're so inclined either by this video or seeing Shiftee rip up venues live, you might be up for nominating him as America's Best DJ.