French turntablist quartets are not just limited to Birdy Nam Nam.  So if you're not on C2C that's a problem that we can help you start to remedy today with this new remix they just dropped.  Taking Disclosure's "When A Fire Starts To Burn," C2C just wows.  Cutting and scratching as you might expect and then some from this turntablist faction, C2C also brings some twisted future funk and bass-y bounce to this track previously unheard.  While the turntablism on this might seem excessive on this, it's really just a compliment to the already delightful synth work on this.  The way these dudes thread the vocals through is just immaculate.

And yeah, we know it's another Disclosure remix and you're probably sick and tired of that on principle, but honestly this one is just too good to deny.  It's a free download and I'm having this on repeat for my chill sessions. This remix is the first in a series of previously unreleased remixes C2C plans to release in the coming future.