This morning, I saw that someone snipped out a piece of David Guetta's Tomorrowland 2014 set to a bit where he definitely appears to be spaced out:

Being that this is the Internets, we're seeing a lot of people saying "this is what happens when Guetta's DJing on drugs," but I won't speculate on that. I do think that part of what's making this video go viral is 1) the look on Guetta's face as he looks over the main stage crowd and 2) the way the camerman focuses on his face... and pretty much just his face. Sure, that shit looks kind of creepy/space-y, which is a part of the whole reason this clip works.

Now, we love when media gets remixed, and we've already seen a couple of videos turn David Guetta's spaced-out look into, well, something else. First, he gets a little American Psycho-y:

Second, Guetta finally gets introduced to Noisia:

Or he just goes into some Simon & Garfunkel:

The best, and most Internet-y, is turning Guetta into the dramatic chipmunk:

You get the idea. Hopefully you crafty Internets out there are getting your own remixes or flips of this footage. Let us know.