DC's Royal has been low-key one of my favorites this year to watch.  He's been dishing out these refixes with little to no fair or hype on his own and still racking in the achievements and praise.  He has wowed us this year a bunch of times and his newest is no different.  Taking Coldplay's "Trouble," a powerful pop ballad released in 2012, Royal puts his Midas touch on this and ups the feels in all the right spots.  Royal's newly-added percussion, intricate vocal chopping and layering, and added melodic elements highlight his production prowess.  These aren't the most in-your-face elements, but rather nuanced elements that Royal has finessed into the mix with deft skill.  Now for the cost of a Facebook like, you can grab this and I suggest you do.  Royal is working on original material as well so be on the lookout for that, too.

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