From duking it out with the late Christopher Hitchens on Real Time with Bill Maher to laying out what he'd do if he were running our country, Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) has appeared in a number of remarkable political clips over the years. But there is absolutely no doubt that this is the most intense of the bunch.

This evening marks the start of Ramadan, which has prompted more than 100 inmates at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba to go on hunger strike. The news has of course made it to President Obama, who is now being urged to discontinue Gitmo's force-feeding policy. As a response, Bey teamed up with filmmaker Asif Kapadia for a four-minute film in which the former goes through Gitmo's force-feeding SOP, an evidently excruciating process that 40 Gitmo inmates are forced to endure twice a day. Watch at your own risk.

[via The Guardian]

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