Let's be real: Most rappers can get lyrical spiritual on a track. But only a few are able to craft an entire good song, one consisting of great verses and a catchy, earworm chorus. The hook of a song is more important than ever in hip-hop these days, and rappers like Wiz Khalifa and Iggy Azalea are certainly winning right now because of it. Would "We Dem Boyz" be popping off without its intoxicating hook? No way. Let's get even more real. Iggy's "Fancy" would not be No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 without Charli XCX's infectious chorus. 

While pretty much any artist can catch a break with a solid hook, there are a select few who consistently churn out great choruses. Before we go further, we'd like to specify this list is about right now, not all time. So any material from 2013 until now is fair game. That's why you won't find someone like Kid Cudi—who's been more influential in the hook department than anyone else in the last five years—on this list. The same goes for Frank Ocean. Incredible hook singer, just not enough material as of late to warrant a spot. Please keep that in mind before you trip about them not being included on the list.

From Rich Homie Quan to Young Thug, these are the 10 Best Hook Artists in the Game Right Now. If you need a hit, this is who you go to.  

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