Interscope's President of Urban Music, Joie Manda, was the latest guest on The Combat Jack Show this week. Joie's appearance on the show comes in response to Dame Dash's recent comments calling him a culture vulture.

During the hour-long segment, Joie talks about growing up in Brooklyn, dropping out of high school at 17, and his start in the music industry. There are plenty of inspirational gems in the conversation, which includes Joie talking about his days at Asylum Records to his work at Interscope now. 

Listen to the full conversation below.

UPDATE: Dame has responded to Joie's appearance on the show via his Instagram, which can be seen below.

So disappointed in @combatjackshow for this lame interview but hearing this culture vulture lie was pretty funny they only spent 5 min of the whole interview addressing my concerns which was the only reason he was up there in the first place... Such a lame thing to do to your fans @combatjackshow hope you enjoyed our interview cause it won't ever happen again...your now a victim of a culture vulture...look how cool they look by the way...I'm done with this lame whoever has to work under him should be laughing at him in front of him....he deserves to be treated like a liar... He cant remember is to funny to me he had the nerve to say that with a straight face"

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