At this point, there's no question of an established market for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian photos, let alone photos of the couple's glorious wedding (possibly the most important peaceful gathering of Americans in Europe since the Nuremberg trials). The public has a voracious appetite for photojournalism of the highest quality, especially where it concerns such worldly subjects.

And philanthropists that they are, according to the New York Post, the couple may have turned down some serious scratch where it concerns the first, exclusive offering of KimYe wedding photos, because the couple wanted them to exist outside of a massive licensing deal. In other words, on places like Instagram, before they ended up with anyone else (like E!, where they eventually settled). A win for the people, but supposedly an L for Kris Jenner, Kim's "momager," who may have lost out on a hefty commission on the snaps. For more, check out the video above for the inside scoop on what's being said about Kim and Kanye's decision, and why it didn't sit well with Jenner.

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