The Jersey club sound is no doubt no longer restricted to Jersey.  Between the numerous masked marauders doing their thing, Nadus releasing his EP on the highly esteemed Belgian label Pelican Fly, and honestly any number of reasons, the simple conclusion is that the jersey club sound is global.  STVY RVRE is a new act out of California today and they’ve got two new tracks, “DVNCE WITH ME” and “LUV FVCESS” to kick off their quest.  These tunes take R&B elements and the classic club style and delivers it in an insanely pop friendly way that should have any haters turning into lovers.  Speaking on the new tracks and the project, STVY RVRE said: "Since I am from Cali–the beach–and feel i've done a different take on Jersey club, I've decided to call this all Pacific club.” STVY RVRE adds that he’s no newjack.  "I’m a veteran DJ of 15yrs and a Synth Programer/Producer for 12yrs+, and I even used to be a battle DJ back in the day. 99-02."

With that in mind, dive into these tracks and feel all the love that STVY RVRE has poured into this.  This is clearly a labor of love for STVY RVRE and we’re excited to see their progression - and it kicks off here on DAD.