It took me forever to start writing this because I rewound the track upwards of a dozen times. GTA have cemented themselves of the hypest sounds of the now, and Juyen Sebulba's presence takes the already arena-sized vibes of tune and multiplies them to a billion. It may not be the most musically incredible track, but it carries the same ultra-energetic, surprsingly hard to pull off charm that was present in Rusko's "Woo Boost" and Proxy's "Raven," and throughout the works of Designer Drugs. While the progression of the track isn't a focal point, that drop hits just as hard each time. It's one of those drops you'll want to crawl inside of and live in - and probably move out of sometime next month, but you'll enjoy the stay in the meanwhile.

"Hard House" is out now via Three Six Zero Music / Warner Bros.

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