I'll be real with you: I'm no producer, and I don't know how people make tracks sound as crispy as they do. I have an idea, and being so engrossed in the drum & bass scene taught me a lot of things about the work of producers who also like to mix and master their own material. I say all of that to say I'm fascinated by some stuff that I don't fully comprehend, and with that, I'm loving the tweets that the legendary Daddy Kev sent out today. If you don't know Kev, you're playing yourself. He's the man behind Alpha Pup and LA's Low End Theory, and has produced a lot of hip-hop in his time. I actually remember him back in the late '90s/early '00s as being a part of the Celestial camp, which he founded alongside one of my absolutely favorite producers, Hive. He's also spent a lot of time as a studio engineer, which is what gives him the know-how to break down the do's and don't's of mastering. Again, I won't profess to fully grasp all of this, but just scroll through the above tweets, and if you're a producer/engineer, you might want to start following Kev on Twitter.