Just as the world keeps turning, global EDM conglomerate SFX continues to structure itself for what ideally could be an attempt at long-term sustainability. The latest move to achieve this aim is a major one, as Beatport CEO Matthew Adell steps down from his post in order to assume what is being called an advisory role at SFX. In acquiring both key executives as well as large promotional companies and festivals, SFX has amassed an impressive brain trust of modern dance music. Adell's lateral move from SFX-owned Beatport to being directly under the SFX umbrella certainly points to a possible desire for the company to want to perhaps engage in research and development measures for future dance-related digital and content engagement projects.

Beatport soldiers on in its SFX-owned era with Lloyd Starr continuing as Beatport's Chief Operating Officer (no word on if the company will appoint a new CEO) and will be elevated to being president of Beatport Pro, the company’s music service for DJs. Since being purchased by SFX, Beatport has been streamlined and re-organized in order to fit within SFX's corporate structure, with a round of layoffs occurring soon thereafter the SFX/Beatport deal became public knowledge.

After having purchased a significant portion of what can be considered key pieces of the global EDM landscape, SFX attempting to fit so many square pegs comfortably into so many round holes is (of many stories to watch in ever corporate EDM) certainly a compelling and evolving tale.