EDM's a pretty easy target for parody, but most of the time, the parody isn't done well. Not saying that Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island's "When WIll The Bass Drop" sketch on SNL last night knocked this out of the park (or blew me away with their humor), but with the recent "What Do DJs Do" debate, watching Samberg's "Davvincii" cooking eggs and playing Jenga before hitting a big red "BASS" button fits into what most would consider stereotypical DJing. The weird "this is music" lines from the crowd were also weird, but kudos to Lil Jon's "GET TURNED UP TO DEATH" cameo. Not a bad parody, but I'm not busting a gut.

And for those keeping score, this is the second EDM reference this month on SNL, with a very quick Skrillex reference on their "Celebrity Family Feud" sketch from a few weeks back.

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