For those of us who never stopped loving the next-level intensity of 2010-era dubstep (a time mired by endless "brostep" arguments), the recent re-emergence of Eddie from 16 Bit as Moody Good has been a harbinger of much-needed reassurance that the finer points of that aesthetic are alive and well.

With the backing of OWSLA and MTA, Moody's been up to a variety of high-circulation bassline shenanigans in the run up to the release of a full-length debut album, and now he's adding the remixing duties of Prolix on "Hotplate," turning the already blistering dubstep tune into a full-on sonic attack of drum and bass, keeping Knytro's furious rhymes fully intact. Drum & Bass maven Prolix shows off some masterful production skills on this one, as there's just a lush variety of sounds to take in, all of which work perfectly around one other to foster intensity without any muddiness. It's the cleanest, most disgusting track you'll hear in a hot minute - and we mean that in a good way.