I've been saying it for a bit, and I'll say it again: DJ Earl is the future. I'd been realizing it over most of 2013, and I was super impressed with the Audio Fixx 2 compilation from Earl and Heavee that dropped back in February. At that point, it had been almost two years since the release of the first Audio Fixx project, but from what Earl's saying, you can expect this Audio Fixx series to roll on to lucky number seven. There's a tale being weaved throughout these releases, and today we take a bit of a detour with AF 2.5: The Awakening, which is not only dedicated to "Teklife, William Glasspiegal, Machinedrum, Addision Groove, Mark Pritchard, Om Unit, Juke Bounce Work and last but not least Lemon D," but contains "San Pedro: Roads 2 Dro City Pt.1." Earl says that this track is dedicated to his experience out in Los Angeles, encompassing everything he went through out there, giving special shouts to the Juke Bounce Work crew. And here you were thinking dance music couldn't get personal. Silly you.

You can stream the full project down below, and be sure to cop it; Earl knows how to flip the jazzier side of TEKLIFE with his own digital spins and nods. This writer especially loves the DJ Taye-featured "Miles," as well as a collab with Heavee. Proper space-y TEKLIFE masterpiece for the heads.

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