Recently, deadmau5 revealed the name and release date for his next upcoming project. While (1<2) is slated to come out Tuesday, June 17th and despite previous LP releases, the mau5 considers this to project to be his first album:

its just that its the first album ive ever done that i would even call an album... it's put together like an album. not a compilation.

— deadmau5 (@deadmau5) April 30, 2014

The album is slated to be a two-disc, twenty-five track release and comes after quite a crazy year for the mau5 that included the release of his ominously titled suite "7," the breakup of his pending marriage to Kat Von D, the launch of his "suckscription," and label changes.  Though devout mau5heads might question his decision to call the forthcoming release his "first album" considering the depth of incredible music he's released including acclaimed LPs like 4x4=12 and For Lack Of A Better Name, and Random Album Title, we have trust the mau5 knows what he's doing and saying when he says this.  The mau5 has already devoted much of his time and efforts in downplaying his traditional artistic endeavors to troll the masses, but anyone paying attention can see and understand WHY the mau5 does this: people don't like to be told something is great unless they can figure it out themselves and so he's trolling them into realizing just how much depth there is to his projects.  Either way, we're going to be waiting with baited breath for this release.