There's something to be said for artists who take a genre and make it their own and bring their own unique flare. D-Dots and Thunderbird Juicebox did just that with their Ghetto EP which is being brought to you exclusively here at Do Androids Dance. The EP is comprised of a b-more original named "Ghetto" and also includes a juke remix of "Ghetto" by Beach Club & Relic. Don't let the name fool you, the original tune delivers this militaristic heaviness that I've never heard combined with Bmore club, but it's absolutely brilliant. I listen to this massive tune and I can't figure out if I should shake my ass or break shit, or both at the same damn time; either way, it's immensely refreshing. Beach Club & Relic's juke remix is absolutely insane, delivering crazy chopped up vocals with massive energy that makes you feel like you just took a bunch of adderall and you're ready to take on the world. Two solid tracks that only leave me wanting more, so go ahead, press play, break shit, dance your ass off and enjoy.